Hi! I am Rick McEvoy, a professionally qualified photographer living and working in the UK.

I teach photography in my classes, on my blog, and in the splendid Photography Explained Podcast.

I explain things in plain English without the irrelevant detail to help you and I with our photography.

I tell photographers what you need to know to help you improve your photography, and what you do not need to worry about.

And I am an all round nice chap too which is nice.

Architectural, Construction and Real Estate Photography Photography by Rick McEvoy
Architectural, Constrution and Real Estate Photography

Architectural, construction and real estate photography - this is what I do. I also photograph nice places. And buildings in nice places!

Professionally qualified in photography and construction with two lifetimes of experience making me perfectly qualified to teach this stuff.

I tell you how to get started in these wonderful areas of commercial photography work using my own personal experiences.

Photography Gear That Works For You
Photography Gear That Works For You

I tell you what photography gear you need, and believe me I don’t have a lot these days. And how to use it properly.

Gear is an essential part of photography but I advocate a less is more policy. Get the gear you need and learn how to use it.

I will tell you what I use and why so you too can keep things simple and concentrate on creating great photos.

Travel Photography by Rick McEvoy
Love Travel Photography? Me Too!

I have travel photography images from all over the place, lots of great photos and lots of stories about how I got the shots coming soon.

I love travel and I love photography. I will teach you how to take great travel photos.

I will also teach you what to do with your travel photos when you have finished editing them as the world needs to see them!

Hi, I’m Rick McEvoy ABIPP, MCIOB

I am an all round nice chap and love sharing my experiences to help you become a better photographer.

I photograph buildings, nice places and buildings in nice places.

And I share my lifetime of photography experience with you on my blog, podcast and courses.

I am completely self-taught, and have other 40 years of experience in photography which I share with you.

I explain things to help you and I with our photography and no more. I explain things in plain English without the irrelevant detail.

My courses are no nonsense, no frills courses packed full of information, actionable advice and what I have learned over the many years I have been doing this.